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Manual Screen Printing suitable for wooden frames up to 42x52 cm.

This 1 Color Manual Screen Printing is the cheapest on the market.
In just a few minutes you will be able to start making your silk screen prints.
The printing bench is built entirely of steel and delivered with easy assembly instructions.

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Download the assembly instructions of the Manual Screen Printing T-Shirt Eco >>


1 Color Manual Screen Printing T-Shirt Eco

1 Color Manual Screen Printing is by far the cheapest screen on the market. This printing bench is designed and manufactured in the CPL Fabbriika laboratories, it is therefore entirely Made in Italy and it is possible to offer dedicated technical assistance as it is designed directly by us.

The Manual Screen Printing ECO it is built entirely of steel, it is supplied in a practical compact box together with the assembly instructions, which are really simple. In a few minutes the counter is up and running.

With the Manual Screen Printing ECO for screen printing you can print your T-shirts or posters very easily. It is in fact suitable for 1-color silk-screen printing, even if with some technical measures and a little experience, it can also print more colors.

Furthermore, we consider this Manual Screen Printing for Tshirt particularly ecological, as it is built entirely of steel, it contains no plastic parts and is suitable for printing with wooden frames.

Technical details Manual Screen Printing T-Shirt Eco

One of the main features of the Manual Screen Printing T-Shirt Eco is its ease of use.
It is suitable for wooden frame up to 42 x 52 cm.
For making large format prints its practical hinged clamps can be quickly removed and screwed onto any larger wooden table.

Its hinged clamps, used without the table, allow the use of large format frames without limitations.

Technical Characteristics of the Manual Screen Printing T-Shirt Eco

Economical and versatile
Hinges can also be used separately from the bench
Not suitable for round / chamfered metal frames


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This Manual Screen Printing is part of the ECO Line, designed to allow even non-professional screen printers to carry out all stages of the screen printing process in a simple way, with a minimum investment and in a small space, obtaining high quality results.

The ECO Line is particularly suitable for non-professional screen printers, but also for graphic designers and artists who love the screen printing technique and wish to be self-sufficient in the stages of stringing, engraving and, of course, printing.

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Domande sul prodotto

Questions on MANUAL SCREEN PRINTING PRESS T-SHIRT ECO. Made entirely in Steel.
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  • Question di Mattew, il 8/2/2021 2:33 PM
  • Question di Stephen, il 8/2/2021 2:34 PM
    • What are the dimensions of the printing station?
    • The Eco printing station measures 42x60 cm, the operating section measures 42x50 cm.

This printing press is suitable for A4 (21x30 cm) designs.

It's not particularly suitable for printing A3 (30x42 cm) designs.

      The Silver Start Up station is suitable for printing this format : https://world.cplfabbrika.com/silver-startup-manual-press.html
  • Question di Hilary, il 8/2/2021 2:35 PM
    • I'd like to know if this manual printing press is suitable for printing on paper shoppers or if there's a cheaper one for this purpose. 
I'd also like some information please about inks which do not immediately dry on the screen. In order to avoid having to clean the screen every 4 or 5 prints. 
    • The Eco T-Shirt manual screen printing press is perfect for printing on shoppers, but there's a limitation: the width of the printing station is 42 cm, and it cannot be changed.

      This means that it's not possible to print on shoppers which aren't sufficiently large to slide onto the station that's 42 wide x 2 cm thick.
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