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 Emulsione Universale per serigrafia

TEXTIL HT 1 KG - Universal Emulsion

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Universal emulsion.
Suitable for textile printing.
High solid content.
High resistance to print runs.

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- What is this emulsion for?
Textil HT universal screen printing emulsion is suitable for engraving frames with which you will then print with water, Plastisol or solvent inks.
It is a type of universal emulsion, that is, the ink with which you are going to print is independent.
It is an emulsion particularly suitable for printing on textiles and with a high resistance to print runs.

- Is it necessary to add Diazo?
For Textil HT it is necessary to add Diazo. The Diazo is supplied in the package together with the emulsion.
Diazo makes the emulsion photosensitive.
The emulsion can be kept for 30 days at 20 degrees when the Diazo is added.
To increase the shelf life to 90 days, store the emulsion at 5 degrees in the refrigerator.
However, storage must take place in the dark and in a well-sealed package.

- With which stripping do you wash?
The Textil HT emulsion is washed from the frame with all types of concentrated stripping, not with diluted strips.
Here you will find the strippings that we recommend.

- With which light is the frame engraved?
This type of screen printing emulsion is engraved with UV light.

For all information and indications on the use of screen printing emulsions, visit our blog dedicated to screen printing emulsions.

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Questions on TEXTIL HT 1 KG - Universal Emulsion
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  • Question di Mary, il 10/12/2022 11:37 AM
    • Could you please tell me which stripper I can use to remove Textill HT screen printing emulsion?
    • Any stripper can be used for this type of screen printing emulsion.
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