Adhesion Promoter

The adhesion promoter and primer for polypropylene to promote the adhesion of solvent-based ink to the surface to be printed. Adhesion Promoter for Screen Printing In order to ensure that the printing customizations are always perfect, in the online catalogue of CPLFabbrika you will find on offer different types of screen printing adhesion promoters, ideal to improve the result of the printing process, both in terms of colour quality and their durability. Screen printing adhesion promoters are used for all the preparation of different types of materials to be printed that must receive colour. Among the chemical products for screen printing, such as thinners and solvents, they are those that help an effective grip on different types of surfaces and materials. Screen printing adhesion promoters are able to create a strong bond with the treated material, allow perfect adhesion of the colour and therefore promote excellent results, even in the case of the numerous washes that a neutral T-shirt undergoes for screen printing, which will always remain perfect, without losing its personalisation. Treatment with a screen printing primer is certainly recommended, as when applied to the surface to be treated it dries quickly and improves the transfer of images with the use of stretched frames, improving the final adhesion. The screen printing adhesion promoter is available in different formats, a small one that is useful if you only need it for a small amount of work, and a larger format that always ensures a supply in case of need. When treating with these formats, it is useful to use a sprayer to even out the layer of material used in the treatment. For the screen printing adhesion promoter in particular, we also have a 400 ml spray version, ready to use, to be sprayed directly onto the surface to be treated, without having to prepare specific additional equipment. It is specific for polypropylene, a plastic polymer on which you will certainly need to print. The models in the catalogue are not specific for all types of materials, but only for solvent-based inks, such as Nyloflex or Seriprop, products of great quality and yield. Visit CPLFabbrika’s online catalogue to always have the top screen printing adhesion promoters for sale online and to take advantage of the special prices you can only find here.

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