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Blades and accessories for Silhouette plotters

Blades and accessories for Silhouette plotters

Blades and accessories for Silhouette cutting plotters.

Silhouette plotter blades and accessories

The CPL Fabbrika store offers you a wide selection of articles suitable for the workshop, high quality products such as accessories and silhouette cutter blades for sale online at exclusive prices and with advantageous offers. The cutter blades you will find in our catalogue are the perfect complement to the silhouette cutter line, high-precision, flexible tools for cutting self-adhesive vinyl and thin materials. By using these silhouette cutter blades, you can cut your designs and create complex jobs even in small sizes. With the silhouette cutters equipped with the blade and the various accessories you can work with paper, fabric, flex, cardboard, stencils and masking vinyls, but also with many other materials - the ideal solution for professional, yet simple and easy work. Among the various Silhouette plotter accessories we can find the cutting mats, a dragging sheet needed to cut and process those non-adhesive materials without a liner such as paper, cardboard or fabric. This important tool can also be used to cut small scraps of material that would otherwise be difficult to load onto the plotter.

The silhouette cutter blades can be replaced by ballpoint pens or other markers with different colours and effects for different jobs. With the silhouette plotter blades and accessories, you can also carefully cut out the different models of heat-sealable vinyl in the catalogue in different colours, which are perfect for transfer printing on fabric and customising special elastic elements. With our blades and accessories for silhouette plotters you will be able to properly maintain your machine and make customisations on neutral transfer clothing without any kind of error, obtaining the best results thanks also to the special blade holders with their smooth and practical movement. Enter CPLFabbrika and find the silhouette cutter accessories and blades that best meet your needs, take advantage of the online sale and attractive prices that are among the lowest on the market.