Transfer paper for fabric

Paper for creating transfers on fabric with laser or inkjet printers. If using a laser printer with white toner, the possibilities for personalisation are endless. Transfer paper for fabric Creating t-shirts or customised fabrics is possible thanks to the many accessories you can find on sale on CPLFabbrika, a series of quality products such as transfer paper for fabrics, which with the help of a simple laser or inkjet printer and a classic manual heat press help you print the image you want on all types of fabric. You will be able to choose the paper for printing on fabric from a wide range of variants, with a self-edging profile or to be cut out, for inkjet or laser printers, transfer paper for dark or light-coloured fabrics, in a vast selection of options that will allow you to find the most suitable for your needs. With our transfer papers you can create, for example, the t-shirt you have always wanted to wear, but not only, in fact you can also customise your bag or your jeans, for an infinite number of possibilities to make your fabrics unique. The printing paper for T-shirts and fabrics in general that you will receive at home comes complete with the necessary accessories for its perfect use, such as the transparent protective coating, which especially in the case of coloured fabrics increases their resistance to frequent washing. The transfer on fabric is hot, so it is absolutely necessary to equip yourself with a suitable heat press, and if you opt for the laser transfer, you just need a printer with white toner to be able to print on any transfer paper for fabrics you decide to buy. The final process for transferring your images onto fabric is quick and easy, and you’ll get a screen-printed effect that will surprise you. Do not miss the opportunity that we present on CPLFabbrika and buy now the printing paper for t-shirts and fabrics on offer at a discounted price, create your customised fabrics by taking advantage of our exceptional online sale.

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