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All types of emulsion (we also call it gel) for screen printing frames. Universal, for water-based inks, for solvent-based inks or for high density screen printing.

Ready-to-use screenprinting emulsions and emulsions with Diazo

Ready to offer you the best products in the screen-printing sector, in this section of CPLFabbrika we present a complete range of emulsions for screen-printing with which you can make all kinds of personalisations. The high quality products we offer are suitable to meet any need that may arise, starting from the emulsion for screen printing for general use, which has different characteristics. You will find very fast screen-printing emulsions that can be engraved even without the use of ultraviolet rays, an article that is very suitable for amateur and school use which, together with a manual heat press and one of the screen-printing blades in our store, can be used to start a new passion where you can express your creativity and behind which many satisfactions await you.

Among the screen printing emulsions available in our ecommerce for special use, you will also find specific emulsions for use with water-based screen printing inks, which can be used for screen printing on fabrics and paper thanks to their versatility and the wide range of colours and effects available. For best results, we recommend that you follow the instructions, carefully measuring the exposure time of each screen printing gelatin, and paying particular attention to how you apply it to your screen printing frame. Similarly, the quality of the fabric used and optimal spinning should not be neglected to ensure that the resulting work is what you wanted. Browse our catalogue where you will find everything you need to make your screen printing jobs, choose the screen printing emulsion that best suits your needs and buy it from CPLFabbrika where you will find the best prices on the web.