Water purification systems

Recirculation systems and products for purifying water from washing and developing screen printing frames. Water Purification System for Screen Printing Labs As in many industrial productions where chemical products are used, also in the case of printing and screen printing, there is the problem of having an adequate purification and recycling system for the water used, to prevent it from flowing into the groundwater. CPLFabbrika offers you various solutions to solve this problem, providing you with a complete range of tools and equipment for the purification of water coming from screen printing frames. Our products are the best you can find on the market for this purpose. We are referring, for example, to our Ecocleaner 200Lt Recycling system, which allows you to prolong the use of the water collected in the screen printing frame washing tank, by means of activated carbon and fabric rolls, for a variable time depending on the frequency of use. In our online catalogue you can buy the purification system that best suits your production needs, such as the 70 litre Mini Ecocleaner, suitable for small printers who always want maximum efficiency for their work, which has a seventy litre container that allows long use, and small dimensions perfect for small environments. Together with all the accessories for screen printing frames, you will also find a series of high quality spare parts, such as the Ecocleaner Kit Gravel and Recycling Charcoal, to replace those exhausted, and then to be able to start using them again for cleaning the screen printing ink to water of the frames used. Enter CPLFabbrika now and find the screen printing water purification system on offer that best suits you, take advantage of the online sale at the best prices on the web for the best recycling of waste water from your screen printing business.

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