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Complete Starter Kits
  1. Complete Starter Kits

Complete Starter Kits

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A series of kits designed for those who want to start screen printing. Simple and economical.

Complete Screen Printing Kits

Ideal for those who want to approach the printing of products to customize, the complete screen printing kits for sale online CPLFabbrika and in special price offer are the right choice, high quality products and easy to use.

Equipped with all the screen-printing products needed to carry out the first works on fabric, the screen-printing kits are accompanied by a practical user manual, where all the techniques to be used for a perfect job are carefully explained. The different versions of screen printing kits may contain a range of coloured inks, to be selected according to the task to be completed, extra tack sprays and everything needed to set up complete screen printing workshops, the first step into this fantastic world.

The material contained within the screen printing kit allows not only the customisation of T-shirts, but also of most neutral screen printing clothing, including caps, tank tops, bandanas that will give your wardrobe a touch of style with a touch of ink. A range of cardboard test kits allow you to carry out tests before the final decoration on fabric, designed to give you the right practice without using large quantities of much more expensive products. Offering highly professional results, the film printing products allow you to create the right graphics to apply to your clothing. Using a personal computer and a graphics programme, you can create logos, designs and lettering that, once printed, can be used to decorate any type of product. In addition to the screen printing kits, our store also offers a wide range of printable t-shirts, finely crafted products specially created for customisation by printing. Come and discover the best offers on screen printing kits for sale online on CPLFabbrika at a special price together with a complete catalogue of products designed for small, medium and large production workshops.