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stampa su carta sublimatica


Code: 4475

A4 sublimation sheet printing service

In just 48 hours we will provide you with the sublimation sheets with your print, ready to be transferred with the heat press.

Excl. Tax: €2.50 Incl. Tax: €2.98

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A4 format printing service of sublimation sheets. Ideal for printing mugs, covers and small objects.

Do you need to print on A4 sublimation sheets and don't have the printer to do it?

In just 48 hours we will provide you with the sublimation sheets with your print, ready to be transferred with the heat press.

How to do:
1. Choose the number of sheets you want to print
2. You can also send us 1 different decoration (design, graphics) for each sheet (in this case, specify by email the quantity of sheets for each graphic file)
3. Remember to send us the file already mirrored and with any masks set
3. Send us the file at the end of the order via we transfer or via email to info@cplfabbrika.com


In sublimation printing, colour fidelity is not 100% guaranteed. The following steps are useful to obtain a result that matches as closely as possible.

Files must be sent in CMYK, not RGB. These files are intended for printing.
It is very important that the files are in CMYK to obtain the desired colour match, if we receive the files in RGB we have to convert it to CMYK and the colours will vary.

When receiving printed sheets, please consider that:

- the print you receive will have more faded colours than those you see on the monitor.
- You will only be able to assess the real quality of the colour after it has been applied to the medium (mugs, covers, T-shirts, etc.). You will not be able to evaluate it from the sublimation sheet.

CPL Fabbrika prints your files with standard colour profiles, compatible and tested on the printers used in our laboratory.
We therefore do not perform any colour calibration on your files.

In particular, in dye sublimation, colour fidelity problems may occur for the printing of:
- medium or large backgrounds
- fluorescent colours or particularly bright effects

If you have any doubts about the colour rendering of your graphics, you can ask us for a "colour chart" printed in dye sublimation with Fabbrika's standard CPL calibration, in order to understand if the colours you want to obtain fall - or not - within this mapping.

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  • Question di James, il 8/2/2021 2:22 PM
    • Is it possible to print 2 or 4 identical designs on an A4 sheet? You still pay the price for one sheet, is that right?
    • Of course, you can add all the designs / artworks you wish to a single sheet.
      The price is per sheet.
      We just ask that you leave a margin of at least 5 mm so as to ensure there are no artworks very close to the edge of the sheet.
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