Laser Plotter

The range of laser plotters for engraving and cutting many materials. The cooler for laser plotters and the rubber to create stamps. Laser Cutting Plotter In the catalogue that CPL Fabbrika presents to you, you will find a complete assortment of laser plotters, a valuable tool to carry out creative and detailed work in your business or hobby. The laser cutter is a tool suitable for creating the classic customised T-shirts where you can transfer special designs, by cutting heat-sealable vinyl and then heat applying it, but it also allows you to carry out very accurate cutting jobs on a wide variety of organic materials such as wood, leather, paper and even on self-adhesive vinyl. Thanks to its precision, the laser cutter will allow you to create new objects with high creative content, such as fully customised methacrylate displays. In addition, a laser cutter allows you to make very precise engravings, and its applications in this field are varied, from working on leather to making small promotional items that can be engraved such as pens, pencils or key rings. The laser cutting plotter allows you to quickly and easily customise items such as anodised aluminium plaques and medals or work in fabrics and textiles as far as your imagination can reach. Various graphic formats, both raster and vector, are supported by laser plotters, but vector graphics are preferred if engraving accuracy is paramount. In the hands of a creative designer, the possibilities of impressing customers are endless with the inclusion of a CO2 laser plotter in your workshop, allowing you to engrave materials and create effects such as burnt leather and wood that resemble handmade work, or frosted glass or acrylic. Check out our online catalogue and choose the ideal laser cutter for your business. Also discover all the available laser cutting plotter accessories so you can maximise the use of your laser cutter and make it more efficient.

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