Have you placed an order and would like to send us your file for printing?


If you have any doubts about preparing files for screen printing films or if you’d like some advice before buying, you can send your file to us at info@cplfabbrika.com specifying:

the material and colour of the item you wish to print on (e.g.: red T-shirts…)
the inks you intend to use (if you know)
any equipment you already haveWe’ll get back to as soon as possible with our advice
it’s completely free and with no obligation to buy whatsoever.

How to choose the number of threads on the loom according to the design definition.

For designs with 0.4 mm threads: fabric over 32 threads
For designs with 0.3 mm threads: fabric over 43 threads
For designs with 0.2 mm threads: canvas over 90 threads

Please pay attention to the following points.

1 Colour = 1 Frame and 1 Row
More colours = more frames and more rows

The design you send us must be at actual print size (Scale 1:1), in 100% black and white, or in greyscale.

If you send the file in vector format, make sure you have converted the texts into a layout.

If you save in jpg format, make sure the resolution is 300 dpi.

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