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Aluminum Emulsion Scoop Coater

Our aluminium coating troughs for spreading photosensitive emulsion on screen printing frames. Choose the dimensions.

Aluminum Emulsion Scoop Coater

In order to make the customization of fabrics and other supports always perfect and optimal, on CPLFabbrika you can find the silk screen trays, which will allow you to spread in a perfectly uniform way the various silk screen emulsions directly on the frame, in order to obtain excellent prints, with the best definition. Using our screen printing tub models, the photosensitive product will transfer evenly onto the screen printing frames, so you can easily print them with the illustrations or designs that best suit your customers' requirements. Our proposals are suitable for small and large artisans who want to expand and improve their work, always offering new solutions and possibilities in their printing services. With the use of our screen printing tub, together with other useful elements to make the emulsion perfectly uniform, such as the doctor blades, which are excellent for correcting and perfecting the application, you can obtain an excellent result that will guarantee high quality printing.

With our screen printing jelly spreader tray you can use various types of emulsion to obtain monochrome prints, half colours or shades, which will be transferred onto the frames to be used with both manual and automatic carousels. The jelly spreader tray makes it possible to obtain a perfect transfer of the graphics onto the various neutral clothing for screen printing, such as t-shirts, polo shirts or bags, which, thanks to the materials specifically chosen for this use, will make it possible to obtain an excellent final result, defined in every little nuance, which will not fail to satisfy even the most demanding customer who is attentive to every little detail. Browsing through CPLFabbrika's specialised catalogue you will find several products dedicated to every kind of professional printing, among which the screen-printing stretching trays on offer online, which, thanks to our sale at advantageous prices, can be yours with unparalleled convenience.