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Protectors and primers for Laser Transfers

Transfer paper to protect prints created using laser transfer paper for printing on coloured fabrics and on aluminium.

Protectors and primers for Laser Transfers

In the well-stocked CPLFabbrika's store you will find everything you need to make gadgets or customize your clothing on sale thanks to the high quality products in the online store, such as primers and protective coatings for laser transfers, which are available online among the many special offers. The primers and protectors for laser transfer are used in combination with the transfer papers for fabrics and are useful to protect the customisations obtained in this way, even in case of numerous and frequent washings, as these unique and high quality products give the clothes an extreme resistance and a higher aesthetic aspect, almost as if they were a shield against wear and tear or washing agents.

The primers and protectors greatly enhance the potential of the prints. They are easy to apply thanks to their handiness and practicality with the help of the manual heat presses for transfer printing, which perform their lamination on the print. Thanks to the combined use of protectors and primers with the laser transfer printer, it is possible to obtain excellent customisations by transferring the images onto numerous supports such as leather, plastic and metal, creating special products such as bags or fashion clothing. Among the various products in the catalogue, in addition to the transparent primer and protective models for transfer printing, there are also films available in packages ranging from 0.65 m wide x 5 m long reels to be used together with accessories for transfer papers, such as silicone mats for heat presses or polyester mats that, thanks to the protective and primer laser transfer, allow a perfect result. Enter the world of CPLFabbrika now, choose among the various models of laser transfer protectors and primers that best meet your needs at unique prices on the market.