Vinyl Cutting Accessories

Accessories for vinyl cutting with cutting plotters for sale here. Vinyl Carving Accessories CPL Fabbrika presents you with the best online offers for the purchase of the necessary plotter accessories most useful for the creation of your customised objects, and among these we certainly could not miss the accessories for vinyl cutting, of any type on the market. In fact, thanks to our vinyl cutting accessories, you can assist in all precision cutting operations, from self-adhesive vinyl, both standard and professional, to heat-sealable vinyl to make it ready for heat application. Processing will become child’s play thanks to our offer. For example, you can purchase different types of squeegees for application and removal, from the scratch-resistant plastic model for spreading the vinyl to the rigid one ideal for both finishing and removing the adhesive type. To keep already started rolls in perfect order, on the other hand, in our online catalogue you will find roll retainer clips in elastic plastic, which therefore adapt perfectly to all the different diameter varieties. Available for use directly on the cutting mat is the vinyl cutter with protected blade, ideal for cutting and at the same time protecting the plotter, sold in a special package with two spare blades included. If you’re looking for professional vinyl cutting accessories, then you won’t be able to do without the pointed tweezers and the cutter specifically for graphic and precision work, the former perfect for stripping stickers, the latter excellent for precision cutting. The adhesive vinyl peel is also available in other models, from the double round tip model, which is not suitable for heat-sealing, to the retractable model which can even be carried in your pocket like a simple writing pen. To complete the catalogue there is the so-called bubble popper, ideal for eliminating any bubbles that may form during application, made in the practical form of a biro. Enter now in the world of CPLFabbrika’s screen printing professionals and choose among the vinyl carving accessories for sale online those that are right for you, our offer at discounted prices is the opportunity you were looking for to combine quality and savings.

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