Exposure units

A selection of UV light exposure units for exposing screen printing frames. Eco-exposure units and low-cost kits for exposing screen printing frames. Screen printing exposure units In order to make perfect prints using the screen printing technique, on CPLFabbrika you can find several products working on screen printing frames, including bromographs and displays, which are particularly useful for engraving stretched frames, through which the chosen images and colours are transferred onto suitable supports, such as T-shirts and caps. All our products are the ideal choice for anyone who wants to make high quality customisations, whether at an amateur or professional level, for example to have gadgets and objects that will attract more customers. The catalogue includes various professional tools, such as the UV screen printing display unit with three drawers, a leading product that allows you to prepare several frames at a time, thanks to the presence of several drawers, and which will be delivered to your home in rigid packaging, perfect for transport and included in the price. Also of particular interest are the screen-printing displays made with a halogen lamp for drying the frame, a lathe and a drying oven all concentrated in a single instrument, which allows a considerable reduction in production time, so that you can increase production and satisfy an ever-increasing number of customers. The frames engraved using our screen printing bromographs and the displays have an excellent yield, which you will be able to see once you place them in the automatic screen printing carousels, obtaining a special result. Moreover, thanks to their special characteristics, you can easily remove the engraving using the special stripping tools, which will make it easier to reuse them. Enter CPLFabbrika’s online store now to find the perfect bromograph for screen printing and displays for sale online for your needs, they can be yours with an exceptional offer, quality equipment available at the best prices on the web.

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