Glue for Printing Stations

Environmentally friendly glue for spraying onto the printing station to prevent the T-shirt from moving and sticking to the screen. Spray adhesive for screen printing For your small or medium-sized printing business, on CPLFabbrika you can find the best screen printing spray glue to be used to ensure that the t-shirt fabrics to be printed adhere perfectly to the printing board, avoiding imperfections, and do not stick to the screen printing frames, giving you a perfect final result that is always up to the mark for your customers. The screen printing adhesives for printing tables that you can find in our catalogue on sale online are specifically designed to give you the best in all respects, also thanks to the fact that they do not have solvents and do not have harmful agents that could dirty the machinery, from counters to manual screen printing carousels, up to the most complex automatic and professional ones, where the printing process is assisted by pneumatic systems. Like other screen printing chemicals, adhesives are a very useful tool for achieving a perfect end result, ready for both personal use and distribution. Several types are characterised by being water-based, which makes them easy to handle and non-polluting, and are perfect for all small and medium-sized craftsmen who do not have expensive automated machinery at their disposal. Our spray glues for screen-printing are offered with special sprayers, which allow you to spread them evenly over the entire part to be treated, easily and quickly, allowing you to minimise production time and guaranteeing an increase in productivity, which will help you to satisfy a wide range of customers. Our products on sale online have a very high adhesiveness, which allows the materials to be printed to remain perfectly still during the process, minimising smudging. They are perfect for fabrics, both light, such as cotton and polyester, and heavy, such as wool. Visit CPLFabbrika’s store to look for the screen printing glue spray for sale online that best suits your production needs, and that helps you improve the quality of printing, you will find it on offer at the best discounted prices on the web.

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