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Graphtec professional plotters

Graphtec professional cutting plotters, CE6000 series. Precise, reliable and easy to use. They allow cutting of many materials such as vinyl, paper, cardboard, transfer paper, flex, flock. Software included.

Graphtec Cutting Plotters

In CPLFabbrika's online store you will find everything you need to make your screen prints, from the simplest products to professional ones such as Graphtec cutting plotters, high-level equipment that is characterised by both mechanical quality and the technology of the software that manages them. Graphtec cutting plotters are available on offer at competitive prices, and are the best you can find for creating your lettering or logos on various media, such as adhesive vinyl, which allows you to obtain a finished result that can be easily stuck anywhere and is resistant to time. They are also excellent for cutting heat-sealable vinyl, which will allow you to transfer the image to other media such as neutral T-shirts. During printing, which Graphtec professional cutting plotters do very quickly, it is necessary to remove the excess parts of the support, and this is done with the help of some plotter accessories, such as a special cutter with a protected blade, ideal for cutting out the engraved area and ensuring that the newly engraved text appears.

Graphtec's professional cutting plotters have a high level of proprietary software, which can also read the classic marks, and is therefore ideal for printing and cutting functions, as well as for the stand-alone cutting function. Our Graphtec products are designed to be easily accessible also to small printers who want to give an additional service to their customers, as each cutting plotter, allowing to print customised writings to be glued on various supports, can make unique shop windows and signs of small commercial activities. Each model is equipped with high-precision digital servomotors, which allow the blades to cut the support in a perfect way, the right choice for any kind of production. Buy your Graphtec professional cutting plotter on CPLFabbrika, you will find it online at exceptional prices, the ideal offer to give the right cut to your customisations.