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Squeegees for drawing ink across the printing screen. Squeegee blades or holders. Choose the dimensions and durometer rating.


Screen printing squeegees

At CPL Fabbrika we offer you only the best to realize your customizations through the art of screen printing, indispensable and high quality products such as our screen printing blades, accessories that play an important role in the printing process, and that must be chosen carefully to get the desired end result. The main function of the screen printing doctor blade is to ensure that the screen printing ink is spread evenly over the entire screen printing frame and cannot run off. The screen printing doctor blade consists mainly of two components, a classic handle of varying length, and the so-called vulko, usually made of centrifuged polyurethane, the hardness and profile of which must be chosen according to the type of screen printing to be carried out.

In our online shop you can find the screen printing doctor blades already assembled, allowing you to choose the length of the handle and the hardness of the vulko. Alternatively, you can buy all the components separately, from the one-metre-long wooden handle to the vulko, which is available in different lengths and hardnesses, as well as in double or triple layers. These are ideal accessories for creating your own screen-printing doctor blade, or as spare parts to replace damaged parts. Screen printing doctor blades are an absolutely indispensable accessory for processing the ink on the frame before putting it into the screen printing machine for the printing process. Discover the whole catalogue of screen printing doctor blades on offer on CPL Fabbrika, buy your model or create the one you prefer with our online sale at discounted prices.