Self-adhesive vinyl

Self-adhesive vinyl in a wide variety of colours available for cutting and our cutting service with your design or writing. Self-adhesive vinyl At CPLFabbrika you can buy everything you need to create your customisations with screen printing, a series of high quality accessories such as our adhesive vinyls, to be printed and then cut out with a cutting plotter. Adhesive vinyl, unlike heat-sealable vinyl, does not require a heat press to be applied. Once you have printed and cut out the image you want to apply, simply peel it off the sheet and stick it on the desired surface, which can be a car body, a billboard or a shop window. Self-adhesive vinyl can be used to create a wide range of personalised objects, from classic adhesive labels to full-size posters. It is also long-lasting and resistant to most external agents, such as sunlight, sea water or hydrocarbons. In our online shop you will find adhesive vinyl for cutting plotters in its two main types, the standard model, which is suitable for use with all major cutting plotter models and also resistant to the action of oils and petrol, and the pro model, both in a glossy version and available in different colours. To make things easier for you, we also offer a convenient self-adhesive vinyl cutting service, whereby you can receive the desired sheet at home, already cut and ready to use, by sending us the images you would like to be cut. You can also count on numerous accessories that will allow you to finish and apply your adhesive images in the best possible way. Enter CPLFabbrika and buy your adhesive vinyl now at a discounted price, an online sale that represents the right opportunity to customise your objects in style.

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