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Sublimation ovens with vacuum pump

Furnaces with vacuum pump for 3d sublimation printing on uneven surfaces.

Sublimation Oven

In CPLFabbrika's online store you will find all the best equipment for sublimation printing, ideal for transferring your personal imprint on any object you want, highly professional products such as our sublimation ovens, able to imprint the chosen design in a simple and fast way, with great precision. In addition to the sublimation printers, in our shop you can also buy the professional 3D sublimation oven with vacuum pump, available in different models and prices, and complete with all the accessories needed to achieve the best possible customisation. For example, you can choose the compact version of the dye sublimation oven, which is both professional and economical at the same time, thanks to which you can transfer images and designs onto various shaped objects, making the most of vacuum technology. In addition, the intuitive and easy-to-use display will allow you to control all stages of the process until the desired result is achieved.

If, on the other hand, you need a 3D dye-sublimation oven with higher performance, then you can opt for the version that can transfer images onto several media at the same time. With the same principle of the hot press you can have mobile phone covers with special designs, or a complete personalised breakfast set, or tiles to decorate the kitchen. Together with the sublimation ovens with vacuum pump, numerous accessories are also available for sale, which are indispensable for a perfect style job. Silicone bands for sublimation printing are a clear example of this, ideal for ensuring maximum adhesion of the print on various media, such as sublimation cups and mugs. By taking advantage of our exceptional offers you will be able to personalise any type of object, creating gadgets for your shop rather than personalised gifts for your friends. Discover the online sale of CPLFabbrika and buy a sublimation oven at a discounted price, the best solution for all your professional level customisation.