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Alloy moulds for neutral gadgets

Alloy moulds for sublimation on 3d covers and gadgets with vacuum pump oven. Indispensable for maintaining the shape of the object to be personalised.

Alloy Moulds for Sublimation

In CPLFabbrika's online store you can find all the tools you need to work in a professional laboratory with high quality items such as alloy moulds for sublimation, an ideal solution to customize any object in the best way. Among the various equipment for sublimation, alloy moulds represent a real fundamental element because they are able to guarantee a careful and precise work in a simple and fast way on 3D covers and gadgets. These are indispensable tools for maintaining the shape of the object to be customised. Among the various sublimation alloy moulds most widely used in recent years are those dedicated to smartphone covers. These moulds guarantee that the plastic material does not deform during sublimation operations in ovens with a vacuum pump, where up to 12 covers can be printed at a time with professional results that are among the best in their category.

Not only mobile phone covers, in fact, through the alloy stencil it is also possible to work on different articles for sublimation printing such as mice to be connected to the computer. Items for everyday use that in this phase of processing are supported by special moulds made of a completely neutral metal alloy that keeps all the physical and chemical properties of the article intact. The use of sublimation inks is fundamental for the realisation of products through printing, ideal for all types of use and also available in spare cartridges for the most popular printers, capable of imprinting colour with photographic quality. To complete all the processing operations, the sublimation alloy moulds linked to the last phase of production and therefore the universal support used for cooling cannot absolutely be missing. Enter CPLFabbrika and discover all our offers available, do not miss the top prices and buy alloy sublimation moulds for sale online with the best brands on the market.