The different types of thinner for screen or pad printing inks. Normal, slow, fast, retardant. Thinners for Screen Printing All those who print with the screen printing technique know how important it is, for a perfect printing result, to have the best screen printing ink with the best density, which allows to obtain perfect and defined colours. For this reason, CPLFabbrika offers a selection of the best thinners for screen printing, which will allow you to obtain the right amalgam and the perfect density for special, smudge-free and perfectly defined prints. The screen-printing thinner you can find online in our store is specially made to always have the best yield, in fact, each packaged product is expressly studied and tested in the laboratory by technical experts in the field. Certainly necessary for use with solvent-based inks, which require a certain dilution, they can also be useful with other types of inks, such as water-based ones. The screen printing thinners in the catalogue are divided into three main types, normal, slow and fast. This distinction refers to the thinning times that each type of thinner can provide, and as a result they should be used according to the type of production. Screen printing thinners are part of the chemical products for screen printing that every printer must have in his laboratory. They are ideal for spreading the ink on the substrates to be printed positioned on the screen printing frames and for obtaining a perfect and smudge-free result. In fact, without this type of product, the pigment that will have to penetrate into the fabrics will not be liquid enough to do so, and therefore the final result obtained will certainly not be up to scratch. In the catalogue you can choose from various types of packaging to suit your needs, from 1.2 litre cans to 5 litre cans for larger productions. Browse CPLFabbrika’s catalogue of offers to find the screen printing thinner for sale online that suits your needs, take advantage of our exceptional prices to always guarantee the best printing quality on any support.

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