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Manual screen printing presses

Manual screenprinting presses. From the simplest, cheapest presses right through to professional machines.

Manual screen printing machines

The manual screen printing machine is one of the most used screen printing equipment among those you can find online on CPLFabbrika, from the simplest and inexpensive models, ideal for handmade screen prints, up to professional models, typical of a screen printing workshop started. With the manual screen printing machine you have the possibility to screen print t-shirts one colour at a time, unlike the manual screen printing carousel, with which you can use several colours at the same time. The cheapest manual screen printing bench you can find on sale is designed for use by non-professional screen printers, has height-adjustable hinges, and is suitable for most screen printing frames, except those with rounded or bevelled profiles. Also very interesting is the basic model, which does not have the classic wooden base, ideal for those with limited space.

Scrolling through the catalogue of the various models, one arrives at those designed for professional screen printing, manual screen printing machines of the highest quality, complete with screen printing blades that move on a guide formed by a carriage with bearings, which slides along a steel bar, the ideal system for printing on medium-large formats in a very simple way. The middle way is represented by the manual bench with a bilaminate printing surface, with lifting arms, practical and easy to move thanks to its small size and the lack of a real support structure. If you are looking for everything you need to print your t-shirts by screen printing, then you should immediately enter CPLFabbrika, where you will find the manual screen printing machine for sale online at a discounted price, the best offer you can get to give free rein to your artistic vein.