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Secabo plates with pressure gauge

Secabo plates with pressure gauge

Innovative Secabo heat press plates with plate pressure measuring system.

Secabo plates with pressure gauge

The CPL Fabbrika shop, specialising in printing and screen printing, offers its customers a wide range of secabo plates with pressure gauge for sale online and at discounted prices thanks to its special offers. Secabo plates with pressure gauge are equipped with a very useful indicator, which evaluates the force in grams per square centimetre, which makes them suitable tools for accurately measuring the power on the surfaces to be printed. The Secabo transfer plates work perfectly when combined with our manual heat presses of the same brand, on sale on the portal. These are high quality items equipped with digital controllers, acoustic alarm to signal the success of the transfer printing, pressure gauge and automatic opening of the press.

Once you have applied the Secabo plate with pressure gauge and closed the press, you can adjust the value indicated on the pressure gauge thanks to the practical manual pump by simply inflating the membrane. Of course, all common spare parts for hot stamping presses are available on our website, products of different sizes and suitable for every requirement, such as the various holders for the additional Secabo plates and the laser pointers for positioning our transfer prints. Together with the secabo plates with pressure gauge, our shop offers the purchase of the most suitable transfer papers for your prints on fabrics, decals and solid surfaces. For the daily use and maintenance of your heat press you can also consider buying silicone and rubber mats and accessories in our shop, and even assemble a complete kit of secabo plates with pressure gauge and pressure gauge, heat press and printer. On the CPLFabbrika store you can find secabo plates with pressure gauge for sale online at competitive prices and with an exclusive offer just a click away.