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Sublimation inks

The inks for sublimation printing. Available in 1 litre or 100ml cartridges. Sublijet cartridges with sublimation ink for use on Ricoh printers.

Sublimation Ink

On CPL Fabbrika you can buy everything you need for sublimation printing, a wide range of high quality products including the essential sublimation inks, which you will find available for different types of sublimation printers. In our online shop you can count on the best offers to get the sublimation ink you need to customise objects, gadgets and T-shirts for sublimation printing, the best choice for professionals and amateurs alike. Our online catalogue offers the ideal dye sublimation ink for every type of use, and thanks to the different packaging capacities you can choose to buy only the desired amount, the best opportunity to take home all the dye sublimation ink you need with an unparalleled convenience.

In our catalogue dedicated to dye sublimation inks you will have the opportunity to find replacement cartridges for printers of the most popular and used brands, such as Sublijet cartridges with sublimation ink, specific for use on Ricoh printers. If, on the other hand, you own an Epson printer modified with the special kit for sublimation printing, then you will not be able to do without the various bottles of sublimation ink in various colours, ideal for personalising objects with photographic quality, using the special sublimation paper and a classic hot press. Enter the CPLFabbrika's store now and look for all the best offers to buy sublimation ink at a discounted price, take advantage of our exceptional online sale and soon you will receive directly at home a high quality product for your sublimation prints.