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Silhouette Cameo Plotter A4 and A3

Excl. Tax: €798.50 Incl. Tax: €950.22
Excl. Tax: €898.50 Incl. Tax: €1,069.22

Silhouette cutting plotters, small, practical and precise. They allow the cutting of many materials such as vinyl, paper, cardboard, transfer paper, flex, flock. Also perfect for scrapbooking. Software included.

Silhouette Plotter

You will find all the best cutting equipment available on CPLFabbrika, top quality cutting plotters such as those from the Silhouette brand, very useful for precise and professional cutting of numerous media, from simple paper to heat-sealable vinyl, from transfer paper to flock. You can buy Silhouette plotters in their most sought-after versions, which will be available to you with an extraordinary offer, excellent quality screen printing equipment that can be yours at a truly exceptional price. There are mainly two Silhouette cutting plotter models in our catalogue, the Portrait and the Silhouette Cameo, which are similar and different at the same time, but both guarantee the best performance in processing and cutting various materials. The first difference is the size of the surface to be cut. The Portrait cuts A4 formats, while the Silhouette Cameo can cut A3 formats.

The other big difference between the two Silhouette plotters is that the Cameo is equipped with a convenient LCD display that allows you to work independently directly from the USB input, just load the work on a pendrive and you're done, while the Portrait must necessarily be connected to a PC. Both versions are supplied with software and the practical manual allows you to learn how to use them quickly and easily. You can also count on a range of accessories for your Silhouette cutter, from replacement blades to cutter mats, which you will find specific to each model, and convenient carving kits are also available for sale, which include both the Silhouette cutter and an inexpensive heat press and several rolls of carving vinyl. If you're looking for a Silhouette cutter at discounted prices, enter CPLFabbrika now and you'll find the best online sale for you, with lots of offers that you absolutely cannot give up.