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Sublimation Printers

Sublimation printers. The Epson WF 7110 has to be modified with a special CISS kit in which the sublimation inks have to be inserted, the Ricohs have ready-to-use sublimation ink cartridges.

Sublimation Printer

On CPLFabbrika you will find everything you need for sublimation printing, accessories and quality equipment for the production of garments and customised objects with this modern screen printing technique, including the sublimation printer, available in both the classic and economic A4 version and in the professional version. Our dye sublimation printers are made by the most famous brands in the industry, we are talking about brands such as Canon and Ricoh, a real institution for those who work in the field of printing and graphics in general. The sublimation printer can be purchased alone, or together with the sublimation kit, complete with software for the creation of the models to be printed, and with the latest generation of sublimation inks, which allow high quality prints. Thanks to our best offer, you will be able to take home at exceptional prices the sublimation printer on sale online that corresponds to your needs.

Among the various accessories for the correct use of sublimation printers you will also find sublimation paper, ideal for printing on T-shirts and fabrics in general. In fact, the chosen design is transferred directly onto the paper, and then the actual personalisation of the fabric is carried out with a heat transfer, using a classic heat press, which is also on sale in our online shop. The sublimation technique is now one of the most widely used by those who want to create high quality customised items, both for strictly personal use and as an advertising vehicle or for retail sale. Browsing CPLFabbrika you will discover all our many offers, which will allow you to buy cheap sublimation printers of the best brands, an online sale with high quality products, for a convenience that you will not find elsewhere.