Pads of different shapes and sizes for tampography on objects and gadgets.   Pads for Tampography Machines CPLFabbrika specializes in the sale of accessories for screen printing and pad printing, and that is why in our online shop you will have the opportunity to find the best pads to use with pad printing machines, ideal for printing on objects of any shape. Our offer of pads for pad printing is wide and varied, models are available for the creation of customized objects with the most varied shapes, on which the images previously engraved on the clichés can be imprinted without problems. The particular shape of our pad printing pads allows them to easily collect the pad printing ink with the shape of the image to be imprinted, and then release it on the desired object, wrapping it completely. In this way a much more precise result is obtained than with other printing techniques, with a much higher quality. The pad models for pad printing machines that you find for sale online in our ecommerce are ideal for use with various types of objects, from the simplest writing pens to keychains to customize. The classic pad printing pads are made of silicone, so as to be perfectly suited to take the shape of the object you want to customize, and then return to their original shape without problems. Depending on your needs, you can buy the pads you prefer, from the classic round standard shape to the rectangular ones, with dimensions that vary according to the job you want to achieve. By entering CPLFabbrika you will have the opportunity to buy the best pads for pad printing machines with unmissable offers, an online sale at discounted prices to have personalized items with the minimum cost.

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