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Exposure for Photopolymers

The exposure to UV rays for exposed photopolymer clichés, intended for printing in tampography.


UV exposure for photopolymers

The Cpl Fabbrika store offers you the possibility to print different types of items through the highest quality equipment capable of responding promptly to different and professional needs, top products such as the display for photopolymers for sale online with advantageous and exclusive offers. prices among the best available on the market. One of the most used techniques to create a perfect print on three-dimensional objects is linked to the use of screen printing pads and at the base of this operation, there is a photopolymer UV display capable of obtaining clichés starting from a positive print. An interesting way to save time and money and always have the essential support available in your laboratory to print continuously without downtime or the use of external preparations.

The compact dimensions and the impressionable surface of which oscillate around 26 cm x 21 cm make this article an easy-to-use tool also suitable for red photopolymer clichés, made with uv lamps, the display for screen printing once closed guarantees a perfect attachment to the base and excellent adhesion between the cliché and the master. The icing on the cake is a 5.5 min mechanical timer that offers precise time exposure to light. Among the pad printing equipment present in the catalog and which can be coordinated with the photopolymer UV display unit, there are certainly the screens, used in pad printing to create clichés with a particular engraving able to maintain an adequate spread of the ink, the greater the number of lines and then you point in centimeters and the greater the ability to reproduce details. Do not miss the advantageous offers in the catalog and enter CPLFabbrika now, take advantage of the online sales and purchase the display stand for polymers and clichés that best suits your production needs and those of your laboratory at discounted prices.