Screen Printing Workshops

Several solutions to set up a complete silk screen printing laboratory in a small space. The essential to undertake a screen printing and printing activity. On CPLfabbrika you will find everything you need to set up a silk-screen printing laboratory, not only all individual products, but also many complete screen printing laboratories with everything you need to start immediately to carry out a business in the field of screen printing. Our complete silk-screen printing laboratories are available in different variants, which you can choose according to your actual needs, starting from the one with the basic configuration, consisting among other things of a manual screen printing bench, a screen printing frame, two different spatulas and a screen doctor. For those who want to make prints with the transfer technique, here is instead the complete silk-screen printing laboratory of manual thermopress, including the silicone paper to make the silk-screen transfer on fabric, ideal for those who want to have the minimum necessary to put on his small screen printing business.

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