Water-based DIY Inks

The range of water-based DIY inks Flat bases and colourings for mixing so you can save money and get any colour you want. Single colours or compete collections, fluo or pastel. Cheap water-based DIY Screen Printing Inks In CPL Fabbrika’s store you will find all the best and cheapest solutions to customise fabrics and objects with screen printing, starting from screen printing ink, which you can buy in various colours ready to use, but which is also available in the do-it-yourself version, with the possibility of creating colours in the desired shades and quantities. In fact, the catalogue also includes do-it-yourself screen printing inks, dyes to be mixed with the appropriate base, which can be purchased separately or in a complete version, ideal for avoiding waste. In fact, with the do-it-yourself screen printing ink, you always prepare the quantity you need for printing at that moment, and you also have the possibility of having a higher number of colours available with a reduced quantity of product. The ones you get by combining the base with the dye are classic water-based inks, which you can use exactly like the ready-made ones, but with a lower base cost, and for this reason certainly cheaper to buy. There are two bases available for the creation of do-it-yourself water-based screen printing inks, a universal one and a specific one for light-coloured fabrics, while the dyes can be purchased in the pastel or fluorescent version, a complete selection of possibilities for the creation of all the colours you need. You can apply the do-it-yourself screen-printing ink using screen-printing blades, just as you would with ready-to-use ink. You can also purchase screen-printing ink cans for better storage, so you won’t waste a single drop of the ink you’ve created with your own hands. Reduced waste and a significantly lower cost are features that make our DIY inks the most suitable solution for all budgets. Discover all the offers that CPLFabbrika has dedicated to you in its online shop, buy now DIY screen printing inks for sale at the best price on the web, a unique opportunity to create unique customizations in a convenient way.

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