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Ready stretched screens
  1. Ready stretched screens
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Ready stretched screens

Stretched screens in a variety of materials and, if required, pre-exposed with your design in as little as 48 hours if you choose the "quick print" option. Choose the required sizes and mesh count.

Ready stretched screens for screenprinting

The screen printing frame represents the soul of this reproduction process and for this reason we offer you a section dedicated to screen printing stretched frames where you will find the ideal one for your creations. CPLFabbrika can provide you with everything you need for screen printing stretched frames, rely on our experience in the field to carry out your work, for example you can buy the screen printing stretched frame already engraved with your design. To use this service you simply need to send us the file with the design, in raster or vector format, and you will receive the ready-to-use screen-printed stretched frame directly at home. But if you prefer to prepare the work starting from the stretching, CPLFabbrika offers you a wide selection of screen printing stretched frames with sizes starting from 23x30cm up to 75x90cm, and in different weaves with which you can make the most different works, choosing the most suitable screen printing ink for your work.

The combination of these elements is fundamental for the success of a quality job that meets your expectations. Let us advise you on the choice of your screen printing stretched frame. As far as the types of profiles are concerned, you can choose the one that meets your needs. Our screen printing stretched frames are available with wooden profiles, which are lighter, or with metal profiles, which are more resistant and durable, and can all be used in most screen printing machines on the market. We also offer specific stretched frames for screen printing, such as those for making caps, or the special model for screen printing in photo ceramics, which is served already emulsified and engraved. Enter our online shop now and choose the ideal screen printing stretched frame to make any type of screen printing job you want, at very affordable prices.