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All tampography printing machines. Manual or automatic.   Tampography machine CplFabbrika is the e-commerce specialized in the sale of products and accessories for pad printing, starting with pad printing machines, which we offer at the best prices on the web, and available in both manual and pneumatic versions. The pad printing machine allows you to imprint an image, a writing or a drawing on any surface, thanks also to the use of specific pads, made of silicone so as to be able to deform following the shape of the object to be customized, and the so-called clichés for pad printing. , previously engraved with the desired image. The printing precision that can be obtained with the use of pad printing machines is truly exceptional, and in some cases it is superior to that of classic screen printing, allowing to obtain objects with well-made personalized writings and designs. The operation of the pad printing machine is very simple, in fact the pad is pressed on the cliché, collecting the shape of the image previously wetted with pad printing ink, and then moved and pressed on the object, wrapping it and releasing over the ink with the image. Inside our online shop you will find the manual pad printing machine, the cheapest of the lot, for single color prints, with the possibility of moving the pad horizontally and vertically with one hand, leaving the other free to insert the objects to customize. For those who need a professional job, here is the automatic pad printing machine, available in one, two or four colors. Enter CPLFabbrika immediately and find the pad printing machine on offer at a discounted price that meets your needs, the best online sale for those who want unique and personalized items with little expense.

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