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Equipment: Economy Line

The cheapest equipment for screen printing, stretching and exposing. Complete with assembly kit. Easy to use.

Inexpensive screen printing equipment

CPL Fabbrika's store provides you with all the tools you need to carry out all the operations in the laboratory, in fact, if you are now approaching this fantastic world you can choose between different cheap screen printing equipment for sale online at exclusive prices and with advantageous offers among the best on the web. You can find different screen printing equipment that find in the economic model an ideal solution to take your first steps into the world of screen printing, the catalogue items of the highest quality as the tendiseta Eco that allows you to stretch frames with a maximum size of 47x57 cm, provided with a simple assembly kit does not require the use of any special tools. Made of beech wood and with one-piece clamps, it is designed and built around the needs of those who want high quality results without spending a lot of money. In our well-stocked store, among the different equipment of the ECO line, you can also find interesting models of screen-printing kits, perfect for making excellent stretching of frames in a self-sufficient way, an equipment made up of different frames, more than 2 metres of canvas, the stapler and a practical Eco stretcher.

The goal of those who are starting to practice the techniques of screen printing is to customize t-shirts or small gadgets, so in the catalogue you can choose between different economic equipment suitable for use with neutral objects for screen printing, including, for example, the manual bench, made entirely of wood, which is characterized by its practicality and ease of use. Among the various cheap screen printing equipment, a special mention goes to the Eco display unit, supplied with 4 standard neon lights, which can be hung on the wall and works vertically through a foam rubber presser capable of adhering the film to the screen printing frame without the need for a special pneumatic vacuum. Enter now our online store, search carefully the products in the catalogue and do not miss the advantageous offers made available by CPLFabbrika, buy cheap screen printing equipment at affordable prices.