Film printing and Epson Printers

Printers and film for creating screen printing transparencies. Inexpensive kits plus our film output service from your file. Film printing for exposing screenprinting frames In this section of CPLFabbrika you will find everything you need for screen printing, starting with our screen printing films, available for both classic inkjet and laser printers. You can buy the ideal screen printing film for your prints, choosing from various models on offer, in sheets or rolls, and if you don’t have one yet you can also choose your screen printing film printer. We also provide our customers with a convenient screen printing film service. Simply send us the image to be printed together with the dimensions of the screen printing frame, and you will receive the printed screen printing film directly at home. The screen printing film is the ideal accessory for producing good quality screen prints at a reasonable cost. In fact, to obtain screen printing transparencies you can use the ink jet printer models that you often already have at home, which means that only the cost of the printer cartridges is added to the cost of the screen printing films. If, on the other hand, you have a laser printer, you will need the appropriate screen-printing film, the so-called bi-faced polyester, which is able to retain the toner thanks to its matt surface. Find out how to buy screen printing films at a discounted price on CPLFabbrika, the best online sale for screen printing with all the offers you were looking for.

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