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Accessories for Vastex Screen Printing Carousels

All accessories for the expansion of Vastex roundabouts and modular benches, made in the USA. Additional arms and clamps.

Accessories for Vastex Screen Printing Carousels

CPL Fabbrika offers a wide selection of accessories for Vastex rides, the perfect items to replace worn-out components of your model, but also designed to add features that allow you to expand your production. In our online store you'll find everything you need to improve the working possibilities of your entry-level Vastex ride, for example by adding an additional arm that will bring it closer to a premium Vastex ride, or to increase the range of colours, for example from 4 to 6 colours, allowing you to use it more extensively. Among other things, you will find a number of interesting accessories for Vastex carousels, such as the frame arm with crossbar, which is perfect for adapting larger frames so that larger objects can be printed within the tolerances of the tool.

This accessory for Vastex screen-printing carousels, for example, is made of materials that increase its service life, and thanks to its special features it is ready to be mounted on all those machines with a header connection, therefore also for automatic carousels. In this way you can expand all your screen printing workshop equipment, adapting it to the required production. If, on the other hand, you have a simple one-colour table, you can take advantage of the additional arm, which has the peculiarity of making your one-colour table up to four colours, giving you the possibility to expand your printing possibilities, allowing you to print in several colours in a perfect way. Browse CPLFabbrika's online catalogue looking for Vastex accessories for screen printing carousels on offer, take advantage of the discounted prices of our exceptional offer to give new life to your work.