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Vastex Premium Modular Carousels

Vastex screen printing carousels. Modular, expandable, made in the USA.

Vastex Premium Screen Printing Carousels

CPLFabbrika offers you the best choice of modular screen printing carousels Vastex premium, an ideal product for the small printer who wants to expand its production of screen printing items, and who wants to have the best on the market at competitive prices. Our exceptional offer is able to satisfy any type of requirement, as the modular Vastex premium carousels are available in different model variants. For example, you can choose a carousel that can use more than one colour, from 4 to 6, and you can increase or decrease the number of levels where you can insert the screen printing frames. You can also choose from a range of accessories for Vastex rides that allow you to modify your model and make it even more efficient. There are many differences with manual screen printing carousels, and one of the features that should not be underestimated is the independent rotation, which allows the use of flash lamps for semi-automatic colour drying.

The premium model is the right evolution of the entry level Vastex carousel, with which it has in common the ease of use and the precision in the adjustment of the frames, which allows the creation of perfect customizations in appearance and definition. The construction materials are of the highest quality, for the best durability and continuous production, with a guarantee that extends over a long period for all models on sale. The Vastex premium modular carousel is also designed to be easy to move around, in fact it can be mounted on a special platform on wheels, which allows it to be moved around the laboratory, so that it can be stored and used as required. Enter the CPLFabbrika store and look for Vastex premium screen printing carousels for sale online at discounted prices, take advantage of the offer to make the right leap in quality in your production, both craft and professional.