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Complete kits for Digital Transfer

Complete kits for digital transfer printing with laser printer.


Kit for Digital Transfer

On CPLFabbrika you have the opportunity to buy at discounted prices everything you need to make prints with digital transfer, and directly from the screen printing professionals here is a series of complete kits for transfer printing. With our transfer printing kits you will have at your complete disposal all the equipment and accessories for the creation of digital transfer prints, specially chosen from all the best quality products on sale in our online shop, all in a single solution. The purchase of a transfer printing kit is therefore the best way to immediately have everything you need to start making personalized items and clothing, a set of products that will allow you to give free rein to your imagination every time you will want.

If you already have a pneumatic or manual heat press and printer, you can for example opt for the digital transfer kit that allows you, with the purchase of a single product, to have a large number of transfer papers, of the self-cutting type, the anti-adhesive tissue paper and mats for the heat press, to start printing on t-shirts. Otherwise we can recommend the digital transfer kit consisting of a laser printer, a low-cost heat press, mats and transfer paper for fabrics, both light and dark, and also in this case of the self-cutting type. If you need a digital transfer printing kit at discounted prices, do not wait any longer and enter CPLFabbrika immediately, you will find the best online sale of transfer printing kits, with incredible and unique offers.