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Laser Printers

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Oki laser printers, ideal for transferring onto fabrics and hard surfaces. By using a laser printer with white toner, the possibilities for personalisation are limitless.


Laser Printer for Transfer Printing

At CPL Fabbrika you will find all the best equipment for personalising objects and garments with the transfer technique, from the most classic inkjet printers to the most modern ones that use laser technology, with the latter allowing personalisation without any limits depending on the type of toner used. The laser printer we offer you is an accessory of the highest quality, which allows you to create attractive graphics on a wide range of supports, from transparent films to transfer paper for fabrics to be heat transferred, to be used in private or as a corporate support for the creation of advertising material. Our laser transfer models are ideal for printing on dark backgrounds or T-shirts, as well as for decals and for creating personalised stationery, business cards or invitations for parties and events - all in unrivalled quality.

In our online shop, you can take advantage of the many offers to buy a colour laser printer that is ideal for all kinds of uses, from the most classic creation of prints to be hot transferred onto objects and clothing, to the creation of transparent films with personalised designs, in a wide range of choices that will satisfy all your needs. The colour laser models are the most suitable screen printing tools for obtaining high quality results, making the most of the characteristics of the laser printer toner, which in the white version allows you to obtain an unlimited number of types of customised work. For those who use digital transfer techniques to create unique and personal items and clothes, the laser printer is perhaps the most valuable ally. Enter CPLFabbrika now and choose one of the laser printers on offer at a discounted price, the best online sale ever seen on the web.