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Transfer paper for gold foil

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Gold foil transfer papers

In CPL Fabbrika's store you can find at very low prices and convenient offers the best transfer papers on the market, from those suitable for application on fabrics to those in polyester, from those for decals to those for hard surfaces, up to the special transfer papers for gold foil. The models of transfer paper for gold foil present in the catalogue and purchasable online, are made in convenient circular rolls measuring 30 cm. with a length that extends up to 60 m. Ideal for making precious and stylish materials such as fabrics, leather, plastic and metals, but also signage, objects dedicated to fashion clothing and company promotion. The shiny and elegant effect is of great impact and in the store you can also buy the roll in the silver shade.

Taking advantage of the advanced and technological OroShock customisation system, together with the gold foil transfer papers, it is essential to use the manual heat presses, available in different sizes and requirements, which are ideal for hot stamping and customising gadgets or T-shirts, allowing the transfer of the toner onto the chosen support and the metallisation of different objects and materials. In fact, through the use of laser printers and transfer printing techniques, with the use of toner release sheets it will be possible to transfer images of the highest quality and resistant to high temperatures, perfect for articles capable of lasting over time, replacing more expensive and complex methods. To have products finely customised according to your needs, you can rely on us and equip your workshop with the beautiful gold foil transfer paper, taking advantage of all its properties and the high quality of the material. Discover the incredible offers of CPL Fabbrika and choose the gold foil transfer papers in the online store at exclusive sale prices, give life to your items with shiny golden effects.