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Aquatech professional line

Professional water-based inks with greater elasticity, for pigmenting with Texprint colourings.

Aquatech professional Screen Printing inks

On CPLFabbrika you will find all the equipment and accessories for screen printing, both at amateur and professional level, and it is precisely to this sector that our water-based screen printing inks Aquatech are addressed, which, thanks to their elasticity, are perfect for all uses. These professional screen printing inks are available for sale in three different types, transparent and opaque bases to be pigmented with the appropriate dyes, and the ready-to-use white, all varieties of screen printing ink that can be printed down to the smallest detail, that can be applied very easily, and above all that does not dry on the screen printing frame. Aquatech professional screen printing inks can be used in all temperature conditions, but in the hottest days of the summer months it may be necessary to use a special screen printing thinner of up to 5%.

These incredible water-based inks can be used on the most common classic fabrics, for customising cotton, lycra or jersey garments, with consistently excellent results. Transparent professional screen printing inks are used on white fabrics, while opaque professional screen printing inks are perfect for use on coloured fabrics. In both cases, it is necessary to complete the inks with coloured pigments, which you will find in the catalogue in this section. The ready-to-use white professional screen printing ink does not require pigmentation, and can be applied and used directly without additives. Entering CPLFabbrika you will have the opportunity to find and buy everything you need for all your professional prints, discover the catalogue of professional screen printing inks for sale online at special prices, an extraordinary offer for your best customizations.