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Emulsione serigrafica universale QLT pronta all'uso

QLT 1 Kg - Ready-to-Use Screen Printing Emulsion

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SUPER FAST Screen Printing Emulsion.
Perfect for exposing even without UV light.
Ideal for plastisol and solvent-based inks.
Enables a limited number of prints with water-based inks.

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Questions about the product?
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- What is this emulsion for?
QLT universal emulsion is particularly suitable for exposing screens on which Plastisol and Solvent-based inks are to be used.
For printing with water-based inks, our tests have shown that a maximum output of approximately 200 prints is possible.
But it's still a Universal Screen Printing Emulsion, suitable for all ink types.

- Is it necessary to add Diazo?
No, for this type of emulsion adding Diazo is not necessary.
In fact, it is a ready-to-use emulsion.
If kept refrigerated at 5°C, it can last up to 90 days.
In any case, it must be stored in a dark location and in a sealed container.

- What stripper can be used to remove it?
This type of emulsion can be effectively removed from the screen using the Quasar Liquid Stripper.

- What light needs to be used for exposing the screen?
QLT emulsion can be exposed with both white and UV light


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