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Glue for stretching frames

The glue and hardener for stretching screen printing frames.

Glues for screen printing frames

CPLFabbrika offers you a wide range of screen printing frame glues that allow you to obtain perfect prints on any kind of neutral printing support, such as caps, bags or t-shirts, which will be customised with your service. Our wide range of products is perfect for supporting the printing activities of small and medium-sized craftsmen who want to expand their business with a service that will always be perfect thanks to our products. Our glues for stretching screen printing frames help to keep the substrates in perfect position, so that they adhere stably to the frames, which are prepared with special screen printing inks that will transfer the image chosen by the customer. This allows you to obtain perfectly defined images, without any smudging, with the maximum satisfaction of your customers thanks to the use of specific screen printing blades, which will help you to apply the ink in a perfectly uniform manner.

We have designed our screen printing frame stretching glue to be easy to use, as it has a quick initial setting that does not harden completely immediately, which will allow you to move the support if it is not perfectly positioned. Our glues for screen printing stretching frames are also made with two-component polyurethane adhesives, so they need to be used after being mixed with screen printing thinners to achieve the perfect degree of liquidity, so that, with the use of a simple brush, you can make the film that is created in this way uniform. Our frame stretching screen printing glue is a high-end product that will allow you to offer a unique service for your printing offer, which will certainly be appreciated by an attentive and competent clientele. Browsing CPLFabbrika's catalogue you will find several offers to buy frame stretching screen printing glues, among which you can choose the perfect ones for your business, finding them online at discounted prices that are hard to find on the web.